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Patrick Jost

Tried Scientology for a while, then left after he realized that Scientology's wild claims are just that, claims.

Scientology: My Story

Finally... into the inner sanctum of the ethics officer. The guy was a little runt who wore glasses, squinted and chain smoked. He told me that I had to stop asking questions, stop investigating, stop challenging people's claims of abilities, and so on. He wanted me to sign some forms. I refused. He produced some paperwork, and said that he'd process me for "declaration". I said I didn't care. He then told me that he'd "take care of me" if I kept asking questions. I asked him what that meant. He said that he would certainly hurt me, maybe kill me "with his OT powers" if I did not comply with his demands.

At this point, I had a "cognition": Scientology is RUBBISH. I told him about my cognition, wished him well, and got up to leave. He said "you'll never get home...I'll stop you!".