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Johannes Aagaard, Ph. D.

Cult expert.

Scientology and crime

«The most important dimension in the case is indicated by the fact that the crimes committed are not just done by Scientologists, but by Scientology as such. A lot of crimes are done by Christians, but that does not make the Christian churches criminal. Scientology, however, directly issued the order that the Guardian's Office must:

"through infiltrators or clandestine agents obtain all details of any reports of requests for data on LRH (Hubbard), Scientology, OTC (Operations and Transport Company, the corporation set up by Hubbard which owned the ship Apollo, the flagship of the Sea organisation of Scientology) etc, from US Police and/or US NCB (Central Bureau of Interpol) to IP (Interpol) International or any other NCB or from IP International or any other NCB to US Police and/or US NCB."»

What happens when you oppose Scientology?

«The strange fact is that all people who dare attack Scientology thereby automatically enter into a long period of harassment and suffering. No one who has not experienced it can imagine it. All human beings seem to suffer from an (instinctive) weakness which implies that they cannot believe the worst. But in fact the worst is often the truth.»

A Strange “victory”

«All over the world Scientology has sent messages to the press that they were victorious in Paris, since the former chairman of Scientology in France Georges Andreu was set free by the court of appeal. He had in court been sentenced to one year in prison and had to pay 3,000 F.

When one looks at the factual court-decision this victory, however, changes its format. It is true that the young chairman was set free, but the reason for that was the fact that he became a chairman of Scientology at the age of 21 and hardly had any important influence on the policy of Scientology - that policy which is not at all “set free” in the verdict of the court.»

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