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A collection of essays/accounts from anonymous individuals

A clergyman looks at J. Gordon Melton on Scientology

«Page 20: Melton comments on reported abuses taking place in Scientology and states that the charges of abuse have not been substantiated when presented in courts of justice, and we are left with a lack of verified evidence of any invasion of members' auditing files or invasion of their privacy. No mention of the Wollerseheim case which was working its way through the courts and which ended in Scientology paying him over $8 million in damages for the abuse he suffered at their hands. And I have had people state to me that they were held against their will for months when they stated they wished to leave. They were only allowed to do so after signing statements which in effect silenced them from ever speaking about the church.»

Child Care in Scientology

«I observed the following:
  1. Sick children were being diagnosed by the MO; as it turned out they were misdiagnosed by the MO.
  2. [The son] was forced to work while ill. He was supposed to be looking after the other sick children.
  3. The children were not being sent to a doctor for reasons of FP [financial planning].
  4. The space was filthy and inadequate.
  5. The sick children had no beds; they were lying on a concrete floor.
  6. There was no adult supervision of these ill children.
  7. Children suffering from different contagious diseases were all in the same space.
  8. The children were dirty and un-hygienic.»

Anonymous offering, 80's Flag, extreme predicaments of Sea Org life

«While I was at Flag, there was a time when there was a "cluster" of accidents, including some "accidental" deaths and this created a big flap. (They are on the "whyaretheydead" site already.) My husband and I were in a minor accident during this time. Of course this was a big ethics cycle, and I was told it was MY PTS situation with my family that caused my husband to be hurt, and that he did not want to see me and we were to be separated. I was very upset and did not believe it, and was very worried about him. Late one night 2 security guards 8Ced (forced) me into a car and took me to our berthing to get my things. While out front, 2 other guards came out of our room holding my husband by both arms. I could see he was very upset and I tried to get out of the car to go to him, but was physically restrained, and one guard held his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet because I was yelling, while the other held me down because I was kicking the door trying to get out. We did not talk about this for a long time, but it turns out they had told him that I didn't want to see him!!! This broke my heart and his for a long time, even though later we got back together.»

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