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Ildiko Bajnoczi

Former scientologist, reached OT 8.

Italian OT 8 Speaks out


Dear Editor,

the follower of the religion called Scientology is convinced that once he has reached a level called "OT 8", he will achieve the skills of those Hindu gurus who manage to travel through space without their bodies and who carry out magical actions cancelling physical laws. Also, future reincarnations as human beings or as animals are supposed to cease — thus conquering immortality! — and the believer is supposed to meet with happiness and success in his or her present life. This is what the founder of Scientology, Ron Hubbard, has promised.

Unfortunately, ten years ago, I fell into the trap set by this gentleman. To achieve the state of "OT 8" one had to make a "fixed donation" (irrelevant of one's income) of at least 500 million Italian Lire [translator's note: more than 250.000 Euros]. I know this well, because, besides that amount, I also spent a further 8000 dollars to find harmony with my husband, who is an OT too!

When I finally reached the level of "OT 8" the results I obtained were: a divorce, heart trouble, head ache and tremendous nightmares every night (including an aggression by a reptilian monster which puts me into a state of depression for the whole day).

Luckily I have not renounced by Catholic faith, so I am still able to think with my own head. Today there is a good psychiatrist who is helping me to erase the outcome of the psychophysical violence, of the interference in my private life and of all the deceptions committed by the staff of Scientology. And I am still waiting to get my money back.

Ildiko Bajnoczi — Appignano (Macerata) (L'Avvenire, March, 15th 2006)

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