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Dominique Bar

What is Scientology?

«Magician James Randi now has an offer that will bring $1 million to anybody who can show any paranormal abilities. Even though this challenge has been posted here numerous times (by myself for sure) no Scientologist has even tried to prove any such OT ability exists as the cult seems to claim.

$1 million dollars would pay for a lot of OT courses. One main claim that even lower OT grades can supposedly do is 'exteriorize with full perceptics'. that is the thetan can leave the body and roam the Universe with all the perceptions we enjoy. OOBE out as the newagers say. A well known illusion that simply nobody can prove because it is just an illusion. Scientology can teach you how to have such illusions, which many mistake for something that proves Scientology is true. But it never goes any further than that.»

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