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Richard Behar

Investigative journalist.

Time (1991): "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power"

By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the world. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief.

This young Russian-studies scholar had jumped from a 10th-floor window of the Milford Plaza Hotel and bounced off the hood of a stretch limousine. When the police arrived, his fingers were still clutching $171 in cash, virtually the only money he hadn't turned over to the Church of Scientology, the self-help "philosophy" group he had discovered just seven months earlier.

Forbes (1986): "The Prophet and Profits of Scientology"

But by then the money was so big Hubbard was able to buy a 342-foot oceangoing ship, the Apollo. On it, he withdrew from his government persecutors and cruised safely in international waters with an adoring retinue of followers. The IRS was later able to prove in court that he was meanwhile skimming money, at least $3 million in 1972 alone, and laundering it through schemes involving phony billings, a dummy corporation in Panama and secret Swiss bank accounts.

Time Magazine wins approval of libel suit dismissal

New York --- Time Inc. and another unit of AOL Time Warner Inc. have persuaded a federal appeals panel to uphold the dismissal of a libel suit brought by the Church of Scientology International. The lawsuit stemmed from a 1991 cover story in Time magazine titled ''Scientology: The Cult of Greed,'' which called Scientology ''a ruthless global scam.'' The 7,500-word story by journalist Richard Behar said the church survives by ''intimidating members and critics in a Mafia-like manner,'' and called Scientology a ''ruthless . . . terroristic'' cult. The church sued Behar, Time and Time Warner for libel, claiming that these and other statements were defamatory.

Wikipedia (as of Apr. 2007): Richard Behar

Richard Behar is an investigative journalist who has written on the staffs of leading magazines including Forbes, Time and Fortune over a twenty-two year period from 1982-2004. His work has also appeared on CNN and PBS. As of July, 2005, Behar coordinates Project Klebnikov, a global media alliance launched to investigate the murder of journalist Paul Klebnikov and related lines of inquiry. Since 2004, his freelance investigate stories have also appeared at BBC, and [...]

Behar was included among the 100 best business journalists (the "100 luminaries") of the 20th century by the TJFR business journalism trade group. [...]

Behar has won many awards for his reporting, including:

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