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Graham E. Berry

Attorney, litigated against Scientology.
Graham Berry's blog.
I believed that lawyers and judges should always do the right and proper thing no matter what the personal costs. I had learned that putting one's personal interests before those of a client or litigant was a conflict of interest. Ten years later, the Church of Scientology has destroyed my career and my life, as I knew it, yet I still believe that that lawyers and judges should always do the right and proper thing no matter what the personal costs. — Graham E. Berry, "An Introduction To Scientology's Corruption of the United States Government and Its Legal System", May 2002

Xenu TV: "The Dark Side of Scientology"
In his "Targets Defense", Mr. Hubbard wrote that Scientology should take over the heads of government, the heads of media and the heads of business, and secure their allegiance to Scientology, and we have seen that in Germany, and elsewhere, with the W.I.S.E. corporations, the corporations of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. Ms Caberta can tell you more about "The Albania Project" of Scientology, the expansion of Scientology into Eastern Europe and even, as was reported yesterday, as far as the new Prime Minister of the Russian Republic. A man who was running a Russian bank while taking Scientology courses. Putting a Scientology member in charge of a Russian bank is like putting Al Capone in charge of a bank in America! And we have seen Scientology expanding into Eastern Europe through A.B.L.E., the Association For Better Living, and Applied Scholastics, which is part of A.B.L.E. So through this business arm, W.I.S.E., and through this so-called educational arm, A.B.L.E. and Applied Scholastics, Scientology expands its power and objective of world domination.

Graham Berry: "The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and Scientology"

Over the past weeks I have had occasion to be very very impressed by the boxed multi-volume multi-media submissions, of the Leona Valley and Bouquet Residents, to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors; and arguing that the proposed Leona Valley Narconon facility "will negatively impact the safety and welfare and property values of neighboring communities."

Some of the information contained in those submissions is eerily familiar to many who have had to confront the dark side of Scientology for any length of time. For example:

  1. [Exhibit D, pp.27-28] the alleged drug bust frame-up of 'a California Health Department official... who had produced a highly critical report,' resembles a similar incident experienced by former top scientology official Jesse Prince;
  2. [Exhibit L, pp. 83-84, and Exhibit T, pp. 121-128] the photographs of private investigators Edwin Richardson and Talon Executive Services is not news to many who have spoken out against Scientology and later had these people "investigating" them in the neighborhoods and workplaces. Both Talon and Richardson have "noisily" investigated me at Scientology's behest ("... when we want some-one haunted we investigate." L. Ron Hubbard);
  3. [Exhibit L, pp.85-87] the expression of support and solidarity by L.A. Sheriff Lee Baca is curious. One of his own lieutenants has warned me that my life may be in danger from Church of Scientology paid hit men [and I have received Secret Service protection in Germany];
  4. the increased fire risk from so many smoking scientologists' is truly a very serious and real concern. Hubbard was a chain smoker and many scientology staffers try to 'assume his valence' by doing the same thing. Besides, Hubbard teaches that "the way out is the way through," as demonstrated by the Hubbard comment that smoking more cigarettes is the way to cure lung cancer!
  5. The public health, safety and welfare concerns addressed in Exhibits O, P and R are also serious issues. The Purification Rundown can be dangerous enough. But what about the dangers of the "isolation rundown" if some-one has a psychotic break, or 'Potential Trouble Source Type III (PTS-Type III)' condition as it is known in the cult? We only have to remember Lisa McPherson, all those scores of cockroach bites, and an ambulance ride past the three closest hospitals to the one furtherest away where there was a doctor who belonged to the Church of Scientology.

And what about the down-played relationship between Narconon and the Scientology cult? Well there's a whole three minute submission right there!

Xenu TV (August 20, 1999): "Scientology: Graham Berry and Robert Cipriano"

Attorney Graham Berry has litigated against Scientology in some very important cases. Scientology paid Robert Cipriano to file false charges against Graham. In 1999, Cipriano switched sides and testified about Scientology's use of him in an effort to destroy Graham.

Graham Berry: "An Introduction To Scientology's Corruption of the United States Government and Its Legal System"

President Carter was the last American President who did anything to try and stop Scientology from carrying out its corruption and crime. Under President Carter, the Church of Scientology's leadership was convicted of conducting the largest ever known criminal infiltration of the United States government. Subsequent American administrations have each refused to investigate the massive evidence of Scientology's crimes, frauds and its unrelenting "psycho-terrorism." The official position is that Scientology cannot be investigated because it is a "church". Officials also say that an investigation would be messy, time consuming and controversial. As we all know, politicians prefer power and campaign money to conscience and controversy.

Scientology is a small but powerful cult, which masquerades as a peaceful church. In reality, Scientology is the most dangerous of all of the mind control groups as well as being the most dangerous of the over 600 cults operating in both Europe and the United States. It is a common terrorist threat to both continents. Scientology uses its founder, L. Ron Hubbard's, pseudo-scientific technology, mental manipulation and mind-control techniques to extract vast sums of money from its victims. It sells them "self help" type courses on what it calls the "Bridge to Total Freedom." It uses trade secret processes, and secret "unpublished" copyrighted materials in both dangerous medical practices and switch and bait type financial frauds.

Phoenix New Times: "Double Crossed" by Tony Ortega

The Church of Scientology has a reputation for ruthlessly going after its enemies. Robert Cipriano claims Scientologists rewarded him for helping them do just that. Now he's turned on them. [...]

But given their backgrounds, it's easy to dismiss Berry and Cipriano when they say Scientology -- which has earned a reputation for harassing enemies with covert operations -- is up to its old tricks.

However, it's not so easy to dismiss a pile of documents suggesting just that. [...]

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