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Jim Bianchi

A Basic Scientology FAQ by Jim Bianchi

Prefatory comment: Many of the beliefs and policies of scientology mentioned in this FAQ will be met with astonished disbelief by the average on-the- street scientologist. For instance, the OT3 Wall of Fire is not revealed until a person has already gone through a LOT of prior training (and expended a not inconsiderable sum of money). To many scientologists, the facts about such as Operation Snow White and Operation Freakout are simply unbelievable [scientologyspeak: 'out reality']. Indeed this is one of the major complaints of many critics: the person who might want to join is not told of these bizarre beliefs and actions up front. Further, policy actively prohibits anyone from questioning anything taught, or from seeking out or taking advantage of alternative thoughts or opinions. (This FAQ for instance.)

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