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Bob "Da Sloth" Bingham

Long time critic.

Sloth's Suppressive Person's Page

«The purpose of this page is to expose the Church of Scientology (CoS) to the world. This particular page is a narrative that uses some documents retrieved from various sources to establish an argument against the CoS. I have another page that organizes all the documents I have by subject and still another that contains several links to other Scientology related sources (both pro and con). I think people who are new to this subject would probably find this narrative page more informative, while those who are looking for data on something particular would do better on the organized page.»

Response to a Scientology Web Page

«The point of this page is to counter a few of the lies Scientology is putting out on their web page. I have comment on each one of their points, one by one, by copying the question and putting my answer to their response in my web page. The way you'll probably want to do this is to read the question, click on it to go to Scientology's web page, read their answer, then back up and read my response. [...]

«Q. "Does it cost a lot to be a member of the Church and take services?"

R. Make no mistake about it, folks, Scientology 'donations' are FIXED and REQUIRED donations. It is in this way that they most resemble a business. They may let you slide for a few months, maybe even a year, but much after that and you'll certainly be branded a 'freeloader' and drummed out of the Church.

What's this you say? You quit school to devote more time to your auditing and now you've got no source of income? Well have we got a deal for you, just sign this billion year contract and you can have lots of free auditing! (Yes this contract is for real, see this page from a Scientologist for confirmation.)

The comparison between the Saint Hill course and a real college education is both laughable and frightening. Laughable because it brings to my mind a picture of a Scientologist putting this course in place of a college education on a transcript and trying to get a job. Frightening because Scientologists really do believe it.

The comparison to tithing is even worse. Tithing is voluntary, at least in mainstream Christian churches (and, I'm sure, many others). You don't get drummed out for being a freeloader if you don't give money and/or time.

They also seem to want to center on auditing, not on the 'bridge to total freedom' up through the OT levels. The full track costs quite a bit more.


There are many more points covered, from OSA to Disconnection, worth reading.

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