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David Bird

Long time critic.
Died on February 10th, 2008, "from complications arising from diabetes." [ref]

Scientology's essays
I have read various Scientology works which, like books in public libraries, were on open display. They are not, of course, my copyright to reproduce in full. As with library books, I did temporarily copy small sections for private study. And, where I wish to discuss the ideas in them, I have written short review essays expressing the concepts in my own words. [...]

Essay on the REPORTER T.R.’s [how to handle reporters]

Tactic (d), the most ambitious one, involves ’’handling’’ a hostile reporter there and then, through what it describes as ’’verbal karate’’. If it is a ’’genuine’’--that is, favourable--question, the PRO can answer it and, where possible, substitute his own prepared points. If the question even in the slightest removes his total control of the situation, he
 "should not tolerate it...for an instant, but immediately attack back,"
 which he does either
 "by a snide remark, question, or comment, or by physical overwhelm,"
 whichever seems most appropriate to maintain control of the situation.


The most mysterious area of all are the highest known O.T. levels, numbers seven and eight. O.T.VII is about communion with other lifeforms. Great hilarity was raised by paragraph#48:

 "1. Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them individually until you know they received your communication."

It then instructs the pre-OT to go down the zoo and communicate telepathically with zoo animals until they do so in return, and go down the train station intending people to turn aside from their paths. This are the final steps before attesting O.T.VII completed. The Church sued the Washington Post, and lost, to prevent them revealing just the six lines of text in paragraph#48.


The LRH quote given further down is even more revealing, when it instructs Scientologists to ’’spot who is attacking us’’, launch checks into the critic for serious criminal offences using the cult’s own investigators, tell the press the church welcomes investigations of the critics, and start feeding evidence of their ’’lurid blood sex crimes’’ to the press. This rather shifts the approach, from catching them out on the facts because you know they’re lying, to launching all-out personal attacks as a distraction because you know they’re telling the truth. It also instructs that PR’s should gain credibility by stressing that the church has maintained whatever position for many years, and concludes by saying: ’’always attack in a press release---never defend or deny.’’

Essay on The History of Man

The FOREWORD tells how the author learned to extend his auditting techniques to the ''whole track'' of previous lives. He announced this to auditors who mostly took it up enthusiastically; those who did not he investigated, in his typical methodology, to found out what was wrong with them that they should disagree with him. It truly works miracles. A woman called Eleanor with chronic athritis which could not be cured in ordinary auditing, is cured in a day with whole track. I would like to see documented record of this. Police using lie detectors get confessions of crimes which they then, astonishingly, find were committed in past lives. I would like to see documented proof of this. And these past life incidents have been confirmed by gravestones and historical records. Again, I would like the detailed proof.


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