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Tony J. Bosnakoudis

Critic from Greece, author of New Order Mercenaries (in Greek).

Greece Uncovers Scientology

This page contains material about the Cult of Scientology in Greece and the revelations about it, as a result of the three raids, Public Prosecutor Ioannis Angelis conducted at KEPHE in 1995. It will regularly be updated with documents, analyses and links.

KEPHE (Center of Applied Philosophy of Greece) is the Scientology organization in Greece. It was operating as non profit Association, since 1983, emphatically rejecting any claim of having anything to do with religion. Yes, this is exactly the opposite of what it does in the US, Europe and other countries.

The importance of "The Greek Case" is significant for a number of reasons. As far as I know, it is the first time that a Scientology organization is raided outside of the United States, documents are seized from its offices and the organization is ordered to shut down. It was only the FBI doing similar in the past. [...]

Greece Uncovers Scientology - Scientology is raided in Greece

A para-religious cult of shivering activities throughout the world, has spreaded in Greece. It is the notorious "Church of Scientology" which operates in Greece as "Center of Applied Philosophy of Greece" (KEFE). The cult has already caused the interest of our country's judicial authorities, that were moved after may accusations from parents whose children have fallen into its networks ...

Shocking evidence came into light by the judicial investigation under way, since last June, on the operations of the "CENTER OF APPLIED PHILOSOPHY OF GREECE", known as KEFE headquartered at 200 Patision st. ...

According to the evidene that judge Ioannis Angelis has collected so far (and with simultaneous briefings to the Supreme Court judge) it is an organization, recruting mainly young people, which are then exploited.

May of them have run away from their homes and work there with no pay, while others are sent to work abroad, in unknown tasks so far. The members are going through a "clearing" process, during which they receive pharmaceutical substances, unknown so far. Before this process the members are obliged to sign a binding statement, that they will no raise any claim against KEFE, in case of injury to them !

Many members even sign statements that their relatives will not raise claims against the Center in case they committ suicide ! [...]

Greece Uncovers Scientology - Scientology is shut down in Greece

The following are some parts from the court verdict of the 7/10/1996 trial "Attiki Prefecture vs KEPHE" (KEPHE is the Scientology Mission in Greece). The number of the verdict is 7380/1996 and the charges were mainly that KEPHE violated its statutes by exercising for-profit activities, possing social and health risk. This is only one aspect of the charges. There are inquiries in progress even for espionage. This is the first verdict. KEPHE will probably appeal the case, but it is not clear if their appeal will certainly postpone the execution of the verdict or if it will remain closed until then. When they appeal, it will be clear. [...]

Greece Uncovers Scientology - Scientology communications terminology

This is a compilation of responses, I received on my post about Scientology's communications terminology. This terminology is heavily used in KEFE's communications (with Denmark and the US) through the INCOMM Network. It is also used for other administrative functions. These terms are some of the ones used in KEFE communications (at least in the seized documents that I have or read.) [...]

Greece Uncovers Scientology - Scientology-related Documents in GIF images

The presentation of original documents (from Scientology or related to Scientology) serves one main purpose: Inform (especially the Greek Internet Users and the people in Greece) on the true face of Scientology and of KEPHE/KEFE (Scientology's organization in Greece), with the use of original documents beyond any doubt on their authenticity.

THE DOCUMENTS ARE SCANNED IMAGES OF ORIGINALS, they are not ASCII text from a word processor. Their size is in the order of some tens of kilobytes (packed).

Scientology in Greece hides its true identity and beliefs in obscurity. Therefore, the Greek people have had no idea on what it really is. Recently, many details come into light in the Media and help protect the public from being traped by CO$ without knowing its identity. These GIFed documents will (I hope) contribute more in this direction and beyond Greece. Scientology is not the best source of information on itself and people need to be informed. [...]

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