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Rick Branch

Scientology: Growing a Dangerous Idea

«As the prospective member of Scientology begins to accept the theology of the group, they are introduced to a new form of Ethics. It is at this time, the individual begins to be caught in, what has for many, becomes an endless maze.»

Screaming Tomatoes and Blasphemous Rituals

«What do screaming tomatoes, of the garden variety type, and blasphemous rituals, of the Aleister Crowley type, have in common? According to Martin Gardner, just one thing, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard!»

Church of Scientology Profile

«Despite claims that its doctrines do not conflict with other religions including Christianity, Scientology theology is alien and hostile to Christianity blending Occultism, Eastern mysticism and science fiction. "Hubbard attacked Christianity as an `implant' and said Christ was fiction" (A Piece of Blue Sky, p. 383). Hubbard wrote, "neither Lord Buddha nor Jesus Christ were OT's [Operating Thetans] according to the evidences, they were just a shade above clear" (Certainty, Vol. 5, No. 10).»

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