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Report on the 2005 IAS event

«After the opening video, DM came out on stage wearing his crisp, perfectly fit tux and "inflowed" the thunderous applause of his adoring followers. Even if the past year was not good for Scientology’s image, DM has been tightening the screws of indoctrination like never before. I’d say the applause for him was 15% up from last year.

He began the event with another of his straight-up-vertical-bullshit introductions. He explained that whatever we thought this event might be about, we were wrong. Then he launched into the psychs in a way that made last year's event, that up until then was the most in-your-face attack on psychs ever, look mamby-pamby in comparison.

DM’s hyperbole impressed me. I think it would have impressed even LRH!

Now I just want to stress here that if you think the Scientologists were bat shit crazy about the evil psychs before, you ain't seen nothin’ yet.

DM says, “the final product of psychiatry is death!” We are going for their heart and we’re going to “tear it out!” “There will be no more gradients!” “No mercy will be shown!" Tom delivered that line better at last year’s event but then he is a better actor.

Creepy! Very creepy!»

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