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Joseph Cisar

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard's policy and practice in media and public relations

In the interest of being thorough, fair and honest, I tried to contact Scientologists about this thesis (1, 2, 3, 4), but received zero response. I even volunteered to become a Scientologist. I know Scientologists could see my messages, because I received an e-mail from a Scientology representative.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard's policy and practice in media and public relations: Findings

As the preceding indicates, the basis upon which Hubbard worked appears to be that the truth already existed, and that he knew what it was. This also appears to be the basis upon which his press and public relations policies were written. The only reason, according to Hubbard, that others did not recognize Hubbard's theories as truth was that they were under the influence of "false" data. "False" data, according to Hubbard, was the product of a destructive enemy that Hubbard often found in government, media, medicine and various other groups important in social control. Ostensibly as part of an effort to alleviate others of their false data, Hubbard, by his policies, created a powerful media and public relations system. The Hubbard media and public relations system combines two different dimensions. The first of these is a two-tiered functionality; the second is a cross of public relations and intelligence.

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