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Pierre Collignon

Inside RPF Denmark (I): Franz the Happy

«Today he is back in his old position in Scientology in Copenhagen, and he is together with his wife again. Franz doesn't feel that it was a great sacrifice specifically to be without his wife during the 18 months he was in the RPF. As a member of the Sea Organisation he is used to live with separation.»

Inside RPF Denmark (II): Susanne's nightmare

«Susanne had to send written applications in order to go to the dentist or write a letter to her family. Each time the letter should be enclosed for the "Ethics Officer" to check the contents. She was not allowed to go anywhere without permission and she was never alone. Once, however, the Ethics Officer wrote a report about the young woman being away from her post for 20 minutes. It turned out that Susanne had gone to the toilet to rest because she was exhausted.»

Inside RPF Denmark (III): Cult accused of brainwashing

«Today, Jyllands-Posten can disclose Scientology's rehabilitation rules, which are usually confidential. Former members of the movement speak of being humiliated, starved, and exposed to hours of interrogations during their time at the RPF--and according to Scientology's own documents the following restrictions during the "rehabilitation" are valid:

They are not to see their families.
They are not to address other people.
They are not to leave Scientology's buildings on their own.
They are not to drive a car.
They are to wear a black armband and live segregated from the other Scientologists.
They are to run instead of walk.»

Inside RPF Denmark (IV): An offer from Scientology

«Scientology is normally not very happy to discuss these busy people. They are members of Scientology who have gone astray and who need to be brought on an even keel again. They come to Copenhagen from all of Europe to be "rehabilitated" by going through a cleanup programme devised by the founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, in the early 1970s. The programme is called "The Rehabilitation Project Force" - normally called the "RPF" - but if you look in the books of Scientology, you can't find a description of it. The leadership of Scientology doesn't find that regular members need to know about the RPF, maybe because they would easily be frightened if they heard about the many prohibitions and restrictions that are integral to it. According to critics of Scientology the programme is plain and simple "brainwashing."»

Cynical sales in Scientology

«The controversial course materials is the so-called "Hard Sell Pack", which is used for sales training in all parts of the many-branched organization of Scientology. A former sales manager in Scientology tells, that he went through these exercises during weekend courses at the Danish Church of Scientology at Gl. Kongevej in Copenhagen in 1996. At that time, he was the manager of Scientology's division 6, which recruits new people and ensures that they get involved in the course activity.

- In normal sales work, the customer has the possibility to say no, but here he doesn't. You keep going and going, until he gives up. You put the pressure on people, just like in a pyramid scheme, says the former Scientologist, who wishes to remain anonymous.»

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