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Louise Cook

About me, my reasons for posting and some thoughts on Scientology

I will still be forwarding all the crimes and child neglect I know about at the Canberra org. It makes me happy to do so because it is good for the public to know what happens behind the facade the org presents. Human rights are being abused and good hearted people like Matt are being used and abused; and pushed right over the edge. Children are growing up without parents. People are defrauding the government. This is all occurring behind the facade of a "Church", a religion, and a tax free organization to boot.

He made me realise that Scientology has alot to offer people unwilling to accept reality and responsibility. First you can blame engrams, and the reactive mind for all your problems; all those pre-natals. You can blame all those past lives; with their engrams and overts. You can blame all those misunderstood words, and unconfessed overts. You can blame your unclean body and do the purif. You can claim PTSness and blame some "suppressive person". You can blame the evil conspiracy of the psych's. You can blame between lives implant stations. You can blame an out ethics situation. If you still haven't realised how to cope with your own emotions, confront reality and find solutions to your problems instead of searching for someone or something to blame you've still got all those body thetans and that cursed Xenu left.

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