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Birgitta Dagnell Harrington

Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe.

My story about Scientology

«After a month of this treatment, I got permission to go home and see my children over the weekend. I called my elder daughter, who was 13, and told her that I would come home on Saturday. She became so very happy and said she would make a nice dinner to welcome me. We were both in tears of happiness when talking about it.

When Saturday came, I was told that my permission was cancelled because they thought I wouldn’t come back or that I would tell people about what’s going on in Denmark. I spent half of the day trying to convince them that I had to go home to see my children, that they were expecting me and so on. Nothing that I said helped. It was no. As I couldn’t stand the thought of my little girl being so happy, making dinner for me, I decided to escape in the evening. So, late in the evening I snuck out from Nordland, walked my way to the ferries and went to Malmoe. I arrived to my home around midnight and woke up my family. We were all so happy to meet again until my husband told me that I had to go back in the morning (he also was a Scientologist). I said no, no way! I’ll never go there again. But he persuaded me by saying that I had to go to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) or that we had to divorce if I didn’t. So I went back.»

Welcome to my Homepage

«I am Birgitta (Bid) Harrington

This page is aimed for the people and things that I care for. Also for those who are no longer with me, but who once stepped along with me on the road of life. I am especially thinking about my parents and my late and dear husband Joseph (Joe) Harrington, who left this life on the 25th of January 2001. This is his memorial page, created by our good friend Arnie Lerma.»

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