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Suzette M. Dearing

Affidavit of Suzette M. Dearing (10 August 1989)

«In 1982 our mission was visited by a group of people who called themselves the "International Finance Police (IFP)". At that time, the mother church was convinced that other churches and missions across the planet were withholding tithes (our mission had to pay approximately 10% of the weekly gross income to the mother church). For a couple of weeks we were forced to work seven days a week, anywhere from 14 - 18 hours a day in preparing our files to document everyone who had ever paid any money to us. They demanded thousands of dollars from us: I don't know how much we paid them. I know they demanded $15,000 a day for every day they were at our Mission. As a staff member I was making from $40 - 80 dollars a week. My husband was supplementing his income with a part time job so we could buy food and rent an apartment. I remember being really upset because my supervisor, Jeff Cora, would not let me go home and spend some time with my year-old infant. She spent her days and nights at a church-run day care center.

The last thing that happened at the Church was a big meeting the IFP held at the Sacramento Organization. They invited everyone who had ever been associated with the Church. They posted staff members as guards at all the building's exits to prevent people from leaving. The upshot was everyone who was not on staff had to either pay thousands of dollars to the Church in Clearwater, Florida for counselling or be expelled from the Church. Since I was familiar with the building I was able to sneak out; two weeks later I left the Church.»

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