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Stuart P. Derby


The Cult of Greed and Power

I am a critic of the Church of ScientologyTM. You may well ask, "Why? Don't you believe in freedom of religion? Can't you live and let live?", and the answer is "Freedom of religion is very, very important, but when a church uses fraud and crime to support itself, then it's gone too far." To put it simply, the Church of ScientologyTM hurts people, sometimes deliberately.

Though I had a very brief brush with ScientologyTM while in college, I really knew very little about them until recently, thinking of them as yet another new religion, with its own particular quirks. Then in 1995, an attorney named Helena Kobrin, acting on behalf of her client and church, attempted to remove an entire Usenet news group, "alt.religion.scientology" (called ARS for short). I had never read this group, but I was shocked and appalled at the attempt to stifle free discourse. At first, I followed this issue in other newsgroups, primarily the ones devoted to "net abuse", then on a web site dedicated to the issue, then on other web sites as they sprang up and became cross-linked.

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