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John Dorsay

Canadian critic.
Frequent poster on alt.religion.scientology.

Who is Keith Henson? And why is Scientology after him?

[The site is mostly authored by Robert Clark, but is currently maintained by John Dorsay]

On 26 Apr 2001, Keith Henson was convicted of "interfering with a religion", a misdemeanor under California law, for picketing outside Scientology's heavily-armed, razor-wire enclosed base outside Hemet, CA.

At trial, the judge threw out all Henson's witnesses, disallowed any testimony about his reasons for picketing the cult, and allowed the prosecution to present excerpts from Henson's Internet postings out of context; the Scientology witnesses also committed perjury which Henson was unable to rebut.

[Church of Scientology] and the Courts in Canada - some decisions