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Tanya Lennox Durni

Buffalo Scientology Information

Web site critical of scientology owned by Tanya Durni.

Outside Critics Are Unacceptable

«But it wasn't a friendly note. In the letter, Fred Lennox told his sister that he was "disconnecting" completely from her.

Her offense?

Criticizing Scientology - especially on an Internet news group.

The letter jolted Durni, a golf shop manager at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester.

"It was like someone writing to say my brother was dead," she said.

But what happened to Durni that day wasn't unusual.

Family members and friends of Scientologists - including parents, spouses and children - who are critical of the church can be declared "suppressive." That means the church sees them as intent on harming or destroying Scientology.»

Tanya Lennox Durni's letter to Scientology's Office of Special Affairs

«OSA, you will be happy to know the whole family is working hard on spreading our knowledge and various experiences with the scientology organization to the rest of the world.»

Fred Lennox Scientology Timeline

Mar. 1, 2002 Jeff Carlson writes to Fred, telling him he must "handle" his sister, Tanya Durni, to stop her from "attacking" the Church of Scientology. This is the cover letter to the PTS Type A declare.
Mar. 1, 2002 Fred is declared PTS (Potential Trouble Source) Type A because his sister Tanya Durni has made Internet postings critical of Scientology. Fred is ordered to "handle or disconnect".
Aug. 27, 2002 Fred sends his sister Tanya a disconnection letter.

Scientology Raises Another Objection

What else is new...

«Accordingly, we request that you remove our client’s trademark from this website and that you cease and desist your use of this domain name and transfer it to our client, CSI. We are willing to pay for any registration or transfer fees as applicable.»

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