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FACTNet - Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network

«Since 1993, we have been to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion/torture what Amnesty International has been to physical torture.» — FACTNet


«FACTNet’s name is an acronym that means Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network. We are composed of a global network of former cult members and professionals who assist victims of cults, mind control, psychological coercion and fundamentalism. FACTNet's mission is to protect the most universal and basic constitutional freedom, the single freedom that is an essential prerequisite to the meaningful exercise of all of our other freedoms --- freedom of mind! Factnet focuses on protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by all forms of mind control and unethical influence.

In its earlier years (1993-2001) FACTNet focused on mind control and unethical influence as was commonly found in destructive cults. In 2002 it has expanded its mission to also cover mind control and unethical influence as found in governments, corporations, social organizations, advertising/marketing, political organizations, the military and family groups.

Since 1993 in human rights abuse, FACTNet has been to destructive cults, fundamentalism, mind control, and mental coercion and torture what Amnesty International has been in human rights abuse to physical torture.

Scientology's 12 million dollar FACTNet-destroying "settlement deal" rejected!

«I thought you should know why FACTNet, Arnie Lerma, Lawrence Wollersheim, and Bob Penny (current and former directors of FACTNet) rejected Scientology's recent $12 million settlement offer. I refuse to keep this information and my opinions about this information confidential because the general public and people who may be considering other Scientology settlement offers need to know what is going on behind closed doors.

It began with Scientology contacting me through an agent with the following story: "Senior Scientology executives REALLY want to settle with you, and you will not have to sign any gag order. This time, they will not bring you the same offers you have rejected before." From 17 years of experience with Scientology, I doubted that this was true, but just in case, I contacted my attorney who in turn contacted Scientology.»

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