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Michael Flynn


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Gerald Armstrong: "Scientology Fair Games Michael Flynn"

Timeline and associated documentation on the "Fair Gaming" of Michael Flynn by the Church of Scientology.

Time (Jan. 1983): "Mystery of the Vanished Ruler: The fate of L. Ron Hubbard underlies Scientology's turmoil"

Michael Flynn, 38, a Boston lawyer, is representing 28 people who claim they have been victimized by Scientology. As a result, he appears at the top of an enemies list drawn up by Scientology leaders. Flynn claims that he has continually been threatened and harassed by Scientologists. He keeps a gun in his office desk and often uses bodyguards. A private pilot, he contends, "I nearly died a couple of years ago when the engine of my plane quit. Someone had put gallons of water in the gas tank, but I can't prove who did it."

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