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Tawnya Fondren

Belated picket report

After about forty minutes I made my way through the audience, getting as close to the foot of the stage as I could. I wanted to be within earshot of [Lisa Marie Presley] and knew I'd be competing with the noise of the audience for her to hear me. Facing the stage, I was to the left. Between songs, when the applause died down and she was about to say something I yelled, "Miscavige beat Marty." There was a pause and slight change in facial expression, as though there was name recognition but she didn't quite get what I said so I repeated, as loudly as I could muster, "Miscavige beat Marty!!!" At that point, her facial expression visibly changed, as though she heard and understood exactly what I said. Then I yelled, with every fiber of my being, "OSA threatened my kid! It's true!!!" By this time a few people in the audience were telling me to shut up but I didn't care. OSA threatened my kid.

[to be completed]

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