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Vickki Ford and David Cook

Former scientologists.

Vickki Ford and David Cook

«While they were dedicated Scientologists, Vickki, an attorney, producer and actress, and David, a doctor, gave their church approximately $650,000, including $55,000 to the International Association of Scientologists. So far neither the IAS or the Flag Service Organization has repaid any of their money on account. Vickki is continuing to try to get them to do so.»

Vickki Ford Cook: "Anti-Religious Extremist"

«I just saw for the first time that the "Church" of Scientology has added Vickki Ford Cook to their web page of anti-religious extremists, "at the request of her son, George Ford." They included a long, long letter from him -- I've seen a *lot* of vicious, hate-filled, fair-game & dead-agent stuff, but nothing like this. Not from a son about his mother, posted for the world to see

Statement of Vickki Ford Cook: My son George Cook Ford (George Ford)'s Affidavit dated October 18, 2002

«I have also seen from former members the secret writings which require members to do anything in their power to destroy enemies of the group (and there is no mention of staying within the confines of the law). I am sharing this information so that you will understand the context of what follows.»

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