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John Forte

Author of The Commodore And The Colonels, an account of Hubbard's attempt to take over the island of Corfu.

The Commodore and the Colonels: The Strange Affair of "Professor Hubbard's Philosophy School"

«Packed with tension, horror, suspense and satire, this amazing story tells for the first time how Hubbard after wooing the Colonels of the Greek Dictatorship came within a hair's breadth of taking over partial control of the island and converting it into the world centre for the cult of scientology', and how it came about that on the threshold of triumph Hubbard and his flock were suddenly declared "personae non gratae" and given 24 hours notice to sail with their fleet from these shores.»

«The higher principled Corfiots had taken particular exception to the treatment of small children particularly when (as the Harbourmaster has already told us) thrown off the deck into the icy sea in the early hours of the morning. These Corfiots had also been studying the articles of Costas Daphnis in the "Telegraph", the island's most responsible newspaper.»

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