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Roxanne Friend

Former scientologist. Because of Hubbard's misrepresentations that Dianetics and Scientology were "exact sciences," she was led to believe that Scientology could cure her cancer.

«Roxanne Friend sued the Church of Scientology (case number BC 018003 in Superior Court of the state of California for the county of Los Angeles). The Church settled out of court "for nuisance value." Roxanne not much later died of cancer, which may have been cured had she gotten medical attention sooner. Roxanne did not because she felt that Scientology auditing could cure any ill.» — Jeff Jacobsen, in this post.

St. Petersburg Times (Apr. 2001): "Sale paved in controversy" by Deborah O'Neil
Another rejected brick was proposed by Stacy Brooks, a former Scientologist and president of the Lisa McPherson Trust. She ordered a brick in memory of Roxanne Friend, who died of cancer after leaving Scientology. Why her order was returned, Brooks cannot understand.

"Wow. What is happening here?" she asked.

"It was a way of honoring someone who was close to me who is now dead," Brooks said. "They've made a unilateral decision about my brick without ever discussing it with me. They're getting their information from someone other than me. I have a good idea where they got it."

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (20 August 1999)

I have personally reviewed a video of a television interview of Roxanne Friend, a former Scientologist. She had cancer which could have been successfully treated. She was kidnapped in California and taken across country in a motorhome to FLAG in Clearwater where she was held against her will, which prevented her from getting cancer treatment. [...] She disclosed that she was beyond treatment because of this delay and subsequently died.

Affidavit of Hana Eltringham Whitfield (8 March 1994)

198. Roxanne Friend, a Scientologist, contracted cancer in the late 1980s. She was getting auditing for her condition at the Clearwater HQ, but was not doing well and repeatedly requested approval to see a doctor. Her requests were not granted. She was told continue on with her auditing.

Affidavit of Roxanne Friend (6 December 1991)

12. As I stated on pages 624-630 of my depositions, I believed that Scientology cured illnesses as this was taught to me in Scientology.

13. As I stated on pages 643 and 668, I truly believed it when I was told that Scientology was a science and not a belief system. It is only after two years of counseling that I can really even begin to face the idea that the things I was trained to practice as a science was not a science. It is very traumatic to be facing these falsehoods and the detriment the fraudulent claims have cause me.

14. During my relationship with Scientology, I was referred by Scientology to the Shaw Health Center for regular medical treatment. I was told that all of the doctors at Shaw were practicing Scientologists who used Scientology principles and techniques in their diagnosis and treatment. I was consistently dissuaded by my auditors and case supervisors from obtaining treatment from non-Scientologist physicians.

    (2007): "Roxanne Friend"
Various excerpts of Roxanne Friend from ABC Nightline's "A conversation with David Miscavige" [See the flyer on David S. Touretzky's site][Download the video]

Multimedia Entertainment (July 9, 1991): "Scientology Ruined My Life"


SALLY: Did they tell you that it was psychosomatic, that the cancer —

ROXANNE: I was trained for 13 years to believe that there is no such thing as illness, that it is psychosomatic. Read Dianetics and it says it in there. And I got up to the top of the Scientology charts. And I was not supposed to be ill. There is no such thing as illness in Scientology; it can be audited out. You can pay and have it removed, because it is all in your mind. And I was so heavily trained to believe that that I felt that I something was mentally very, very wrong. And —

SALLY: Are you afraid of being with me now?

ROXANNE: Very much so. Yes.

SALLY: I mean, the lady I talked to backstage and the lady I'm talking to now — pardon me — is —

ROXANNE: I'm scared to death, Sally.

SALLY: Why are you so frightened?

ROXANNE: My brother is still involved. I love him dearly. We're 11 months apart. We were very close. He will not speak with me right now, because he's not allowed to, because of the Church of Scientology.


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