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David Gerard

Australian Critics of Scientology: Why does this site exist?

David Gerard,, Melbourne, Australia. Vague interest in Scientology as a curious silly thing; then the raid on Dennis Erlich and the threat to Net freedoms I hold dear. Sniped for a while (a big attraction to a.r.s for me was the number of SubGenii here), then Helena Kobrin made trouble with my postmaster and I got angry. Now devote quite a bit of time to a.r.s, Web page maintenance, IRC #scientology, demonstrating and so on. My friends are careful not to mention the 'S' word in my presence in case I start ranting, but are kind enough to relate any new and amusing tidbits crossing their paths and so on. Scientology itself is not important; but the organisation must be made an example of so that others will not fuck with the Net. (By: David Gerard) Web page: Mirrored at:

Other people's reasons to be a critic of Scientology

Joel Hanes. "The reason I can't let go, the reason that I think that Scientology is evil and must be opposed, is that its practices of massive litigation and intimidation through fair game strike at the bases of civil society, and subvert the rule of law."

Press articles about Scientology in Australia

An interesting collection of articles about Scientology.

David's personal page

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