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Dr. Frank Gerbode

Former scientologist, former head of the Palo Alto mission.

The San Diego Union-Tribune: Hubbard Hot-Author Status Called Illusion

«"We were told to go out and buy a bunch of copies of 'Battlefield Earth' so it would become a best seller," said Dr. Frank Gerbode, the former head of the Scientology mission in Palo Alto. "The arguement we were given was, if he became famous again as a science-fiction writer, it would improve his status."»

«There are numerous stories of Scientologists being coerced to buy Hubbard's books. Gerbode, the former head of the Palo Alto mission, said he was required to stock 100 copies of every Hubbard title. "We ended up with a huge storeroom of books we couldn't get rid of," he said.»

A Piece of Blue Sky: Chapter One - The Founder

«Psychiatrist Frank Gerbode, who practiced Scientology for many years, feels that Hubbard was not schizophrenic, but rather "manic with paranoid tendencies" (which is not a classification of psychosis, but of tendencies towards psychosis). However, Gerbode suggests that the best description is the lay diagnosis "loony." Even if Hubbard was manic with paranoid tendencies, he was still sane in the eyes of the law, and therefore still responsible for his actions.»

Wikipedia: Frank A. Gerbode

«Frank A. Gerbode is the creator of a psychotherapy known as Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). He is an Honors graduate of Stanford University, USA and later pursued graduate studies in philosophy at Cambridge University, England. He received his medical degree from Yale University, and completed a psychiatric residency at Stanford University Medical Center in the early 1970s.

Gerbode was for many years a Scientologist, and at one time ran the Palo Alto, California Mission of Scientology. He broke from the Church of Scientology in 1982. He later developed TIR, starting from Dianetics and working back to its origins.»

Helena is fined for Barratry

«On May 2, 1994, Helena Kobrin, counsel for the Church of Scientology, was ordered to pay sanctions in the total sum of $17,775 for filing a frivolous complaint in federal court.  The case is entitled Religious Technology Center, Inc. v. Frank Gerbode, and is reported in the RICO Business Disputes Guide published by Commerce Clearing House, Inc.  The citation is Religious Technology Center, Inc. v. Frank Gerbode»

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