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Tilman Hausherr

Long time critic.

The cult of greed and power: Scientology and Dianetics

Scientology is very expensive; a father who didn't want to pay for the "services" of his son received a threatening letter written by Reverend Andrew Bagley, a Scientology official. Recovery takes long and is very difficult. The title of this paragraph comes from the excellent and award-winning article in TIME magazine called The thriving cult of greed and power, written by Richard Behar.

NOTS34: criminality successfully protected by copyright law

NOTS34 is interesting to analyse because it touches two fields of science: criminology and law. Criminology because NOTS34 illegally promotes an electronic device, the scientology "e-meter" for healing, and Law because of the measures the criminal cult of scientology uses to keep the discussion of its criminality off the public: lawsuits and illegal cancellation. A netizen, Keith Henson, was recently fined $75000 for posting it to the internet. (not final)

Answers for scientology kids

Someone said that a scientologist had told him that their children are disturbed because of what they have read on the internet, and started to ask embarrassing questions. So here is an attempt to explain scientology with simple words.

Scientollywood: The influence of Scientology in the entertainment industry

Who's in Scientollywood, and who's out? Find it out in the Scientology Celebrity FAQ

Heroes on the internet: Xenu, Mozilla and "Bob"

According to the anonymously posted price list, after a cultie has paid about $159,160 (or worked years for nearly no money at all), and has been in good standing with the management, he is eligible to read the OT 3 (operating thetan three) materials. He gets a xerox of handwritten notes by the cult's founder explaining that all our troubles come from an evil guy from outer space named Xenu. Here is an article from the Los Angeles Times about what the cult did when the materials were available in open court records.

Testimonies of supporters and critics of Scientology and Dianetics

P------ ---- got his cult services for free, but didn't get results. After he asked too much questions, they threatened that they could kill him with a thought. Finally, a Scientologist started a fight on the street - read this if you want to know who won.

Stupidity of Scientology exposed by its own web pages

Lisa Chabot has often pointed out embarassing web pages on Scientology's own site. I collected them for your convenience, and added some I found myself. Some comments are by Lisa, some by me; but I take responsibility alone for all comments on this page.

How can scientology help me...

Celebrities in Scientology FAQ

Celebrities are very Special people and have a very distinct line of dissemination. They have comm[unication] lines that others do not have and many medias [sic] to get their dissemination through

—L. Ron Hubbard, from Flag Order 3323, 9 May 1973

The reconnection page: find loved ones 'lost' in Scientology and Dianetics

Many people lost loved ones in Scientology and Dianetics, either through disconnection, removal or offloading. Scientology is not that big, and many people leave, therefore I think that people who left recently can give information on missing persons. I have also added a few names in which I have a personal curiosity, because I want to know what has happened to them.

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