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Janice Hayward

Took many Scientology courses, did not obtained the promised results. Eventually she sued the Church of Scientology.

Janice D. Hayward v. Church of Scientology, case no. CV96-10503

I have been treated very badly physically, mentally, and emotionally by the Church of Scientology. Also, everytime I went to the church for help or assistance I was accused of doing something bad, immoral, or unethical.

In conclusion, the processing and training I received have not bettered the quality of my life. I have been harmed and not helped.

I appealed to the Church of Scientology justice system to correct the above mentioned situations. Nothing was done.

Therefore, I asked for my money back. In March 1996, as evidenced by a letter dated 22 Mar., 1996, Sue Porter, International Chief Justice granted me a compete and total refund which I have not received.

Because of the Misrepresentation of the Dianetics program, and the misrepresentation of the results that would be received, I acted to my detriment and paid them $67,009.07 for harmful treatment which has in no way bettered my life.

Affidavit of Janice Hayward (19 March 1997)

13. In 1996 I filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology to recover the monies paid plus damages for emotional and mental pain. I represented myself in the lawsuit because I could not afford an attorney, having paid so much to the Church. I subsequently requested that the case be dismissed because I was unable to continue without an attorney. The case was subsequently dismissed without prejudice.

14. While the Church of Scientology represents itself as a church, to my knowledge it does not hold church or religious services.

15. I was promised that if I took the courses and followed the program that I would receive the benefits of freedom from emotional, physical and mental pain and distress, as well as career success. Furthermore, I was promised that if the promised results were not achieved all monies would be refunded.

16. The promised results were not achieved. To the contrary, following my involvement with the Church of Scientology I was released from two separate positions with Phoenix Union High School District. I am currently unemployed, being unable to find a job. I am not free from emotional, physical or mental pain. In fact, I feel that the Church itself was a cause of much emotional, physical and mental pain, not to mention the huge financial loss which I incurred.

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