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Joseph Martin Hopkins

Joseph Martin Hopkins is associate professor in the Department of Bible and Philosophy at Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, where he received the B.Mus. He also holds the B.Th. (from Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary) and Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh).

Scientology: Religion or Racket?

«Articles exposing Scientology as a dangerous fraud relate numerous examples of persons who claim they were swindled by unscrupulous Scientologists. The Saturday Evening Post tells of a Florida millionaire who was fleeced out of $28,000 in processing fees in less than two years. According to Today's Health, a Los Angeles housewife marched angrily into court with the charge that she had spent $4,000 for Scientology processing "on assurance that it would help her overcome frigidity." The ironical outcome of her investment was that her husband divorced her.»

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