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Ariane Jackson

Former scientologist, attained highest available level, OT8. Left after 17 years.

OT8 denounces Scientology

My name is Ariane Jackson and I intend to share some of the information I have concerning the cult known as Scientology. This information covers the experiences of myself and some of my friends and relatives during many years. Some of this information is supported by very complete, original documentation.

I was involved in Scientology for 17 years and I attained the highest available level, called "New OT8, Truth Revealed". I was also trained as an "auditor" to "Class 6" and I have studied the "technology" of "Class 12". I was a staff member at Flag Service Organization, Inc. in Clearwater, Florida. My husband was involved for 20 years, attained "Clear", was trained as an auditor and was also on staff. My ex-husband was involved for 14 years, attained "OT7, Cause over Life", gave his fortune of several million dollars to Scientology and died at the age of 59, within days of being audited at Flag!

Another Patron Meritorious refusing to pay his debts

I would like to end with the following suggestion. It is apparent that the cult of Scientology by it's policies and activities prohibits it's adherents from (or coerces them into not) reporting crimes or taking civil action against other Scientologists, as evidenced by the situations with Albert and the recent child-rape case among others, it. This results in criminals being protected and their crimes hidden and thereby allows them to continue their criminality without the censure resulting from divulgence of their past crimes. In order to protect future targets of these Scientology criminals, it is necessary that THEIR NAMES BE PUBLISHED BROADLY TOGETHER WITH THEIR CRIMES AND OTHER RELEVANT DATA ON THEM. In this way a database can be available and we can protect ourselves from them. This may seem harsh but, if the "church" of Scientology had had their wish, Strawn would not be in jail right now but possibly would be with one of our daughters.

[to be completed]

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