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Jamie Kennedy

Great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, critical of Hubbard and Scientology.

Xenu TV: "Bubba the Love Sponge" (click the link for more of Jamie Kennedy on Xenu TV)

Jamie Kennedy, the great-grandson of the founder of Scientology, speaks out against the organization on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show.

San Francisco Chronicle (Feb. 2001): "Scientology Founder's Family Life Far From What He Preached"

One Hubbard ancestor who could be tracked down was Jamie Kennedy, the grandson of Ronald DeWolf, making Kennedy Hubbard's great-grandson.

Kennedy, 23, lives in Vallejo and is a nationally recognized slam poet. He said his mother and ex-girlfriend have been visited by Scientology agents asking about his references to Scientology in his poems and his decision to appear at an anti-Scientology benefit last November.

"They can't shut me up," Kennedy said. "I've made a career out of not giving a f-."

Billed as the "Hellspawn Leprechaun," Kennedy shares his great- grandfather's red hair and in-your-face attitude.

"Genetically, I think we share some traits," Kennedy said. "In high school, a psychiatrist asked me if I had a history of mental illness in my family. I said, `Well, my great-grandfather was a cult leader.' "