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Caroline Letkeman

Former scientologist.

Affidavit of Caroline Letkeman (27 April 2001)

20. Nevertheless, learning the truth about Hubbard and Scientology led me to the inevitable conclusion that I could no longer be part of Scientology. I agonized silently for months about how to communicate the truth to my daughter and to others. I felt a personal obligation to help correct the wrongs that I had done. I also felt a need to try and uncover the reasons why I had been so completely tricked and defrauded by Scientology, and why I had spent my entire adult life trapped in the mind control of Hubbard's organization. Having been an advanced auditor with a good grasp of Hubbard's technology, I needed to try and more completely decode the technical basis for the mind control of which I was both a victim and unwitting perpetrator. I felt that I had to come to a technical understanding of why the action of leaving Scientology did not resolve, but amplified the emotional pain I was experiencing. I knew from reading others stories on the Internet that mine was not a unique situation. The essay that I submitted to the Literati Contest 2000 was a summary of my ongoing research to that point.

Scientology : Soul Hackers

As a former auditor of the upper levels of Scientology, my exit brought with it an attempt to find a technical explanation for the subjective effects that Scientology creates in a person. How does Scientology control its members?  Why do Scientologists find it so hard to leave?  Psychologically and spiritually battered, they persist in their bewildering allegiance to their founder and the organization.  Why would that be?  These effects are laid in at every level of Scientology.  They are laid in deliberately and with malice aforethought.  This essay is about how Scientology hacks your soul.

Caroline Letkeman -- Welcome to my site

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I am creating this archive to support my demand for a refund from Scientology. I was in the cult from January 1975 until May 1999. In addition to defrauding me out of those 24 years, Scientology robbed me of more than US $60,000 for its useless, indeed dangerous "services." Scientology and its agents tricked me into purchasing these "services" with promised wonderful results, which I have discovered were utterly false. As part of their scam, the cult and its cultists threatened me into paying all this money and participating all these years with cynically manufactured menaces.

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