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Joe "Zinjifar" Lynn

Long time critic.

Nine times out of ten some bright prophet is going to decide that his 'truth' is so good it's worth beating into unbelieving skulls with a baseball bat or equivalent. — Joe "Zinjifar" Lynn [ref]

When You Wish Upon a Cult

2006 was a very bad year for Scientology.  It achieved its highest ever level of general public recognition and is now exposed from under its rock.  Squirming in the sun and an object of curiosity for the pop culture and media alike.

Xenu is irreversibly tied around its plesisauruslike neck and unshakable, no matter how many 'shore stories' are presented. [...]

Ghandi Tech

First off, Scientology criticism is not like almost any other form of 'public protest' or social activism. Because of the huge amounts of defrauded cash available to the 'Church' and its completely unscrupulous disregard of sane economies of scale, opposition to Scientology will never be an even playing field. Scientology has both the will and the means to spend millions on a $2 attack. The only limiting factor is the shreds of sanity which keep it from openly murdering any and all of its perceived 'enemies', because of the potential 'PR Flap' involved.

On Scientology's Training Routines (TRs)

However, in all things Scientology there is a 'subtext' to the 'training'.  Yes, one learns to 'control himself', which can be a valuable and rewarding discipline, but he also learns to let others control him. To 'follow direction'. To 'take direction', especially to 'take direction unquestioningly'.

On Scientology's 'Word Clearing'/'Misunderstood Word'

Word Clearing is a perfect example of the mundane and harmless and even 'practical' seeming 'Tech' that is really an integral part of the worst of the hypnotic/compulsive/critical-thinking-destroying 'system' that Ron Built.

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