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John Marshall

Canadian reporter. See also Scientology in Canada.

Toronto Globe and Mail: "Cult harassment, spying in Canada documented"

«As reported in the accompanying instalment in a series of accounts of the U.S. court proceedings, 35 Scientologists were alleged to have participated in conspiracies to steal government documents and to obstruct justice. Besides the nine sentenced to jail, 23 people were named as unindicted co-conspirators. Three others have been indicted and investigations are continuing in various parts of the United States by state and federal agencies.

Canadian activities have included the planting of spies with agencies and individuals considered to be barriers to the progress of the wealthy world-wide organization. It recently announced it had purchased $3.5-million worth of property in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal.

Philip McAiney, a Toronto minister of the cult founded by L. Ron Hubbard, was quoted in The Globe and Mail in 1974 as calling my series of articles at that time "misrepresentation and distortion."

He and Douglas Pearse and Sue Surgeoner, both from the Toronto Guardian Office of the organization, disputed a number of the statements in the articles.»

Toronto Globe and Mail: "Secret Ontario documents found in U.S. cult's files"

«A week-long combing of the court files on the cult's U.S. operations uncovered not only the information they had somehow obtained from public and private agencies in Canada, but also references to a variety of other covert activities in this country.

Letters from Canadian officials to their superiors, and communications between officers at the international and U.S. leadership level reveal that:

  • Private information has been obtained covertly;
  • Front groups have been set up to espouse the cult's programs or to attack critics;
  • Members with cover stories have "penetrated" other agencies and organizations;
  • Dissident Canadian Scientologists have been followed or watched;
  • Efforts have been made to disrupt other organizations by covert means.

Reports on some of these activities went from Canada to be circulated to a number of top Scientology officials.»

Toronto Globe and Mail: "Probe of religious sect’s practices sought by ex-members"

«Mrs. Levett has retained her voluminous files, which include factual policy statements by Mr. Hubbard about controlling the planet from his floating headquarters, the ship Apollo, as well as directives from Canadian headquarters in Toronto and information letters about defectors from various other units.

World mental health movements — the late, highly respected Brock Chisholm is named as one of the leaders — are labeled as enemies and are linked to Nazism. more

There are letters identifying ex-members of Scientology and members fallen from grace, by name and sometimes address, and calling them homosexuals, drug addicts, "SP" — suppressive persons — or describing trouble with spouses.

Some of these unlucky people are called "fair game" and "beyond any consideration for their feelings or wellbeing."

In Ontario, the McLean family of Sutton — Eric and Nan and sons John and Bruce and the latter’s wife, Dawn — have the feeling that they have been declared fair game

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