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Pertti Muhli

I Publicly Depart From Scientology

«During December 1998, about an hour or so, before I was about to commence the purif on the first day, Ana Dethridge and her husband Dean came to me with a proposition to buy four auditing intensives. I told them I am not rich and have to many other bills. I also told them that my brother didn't have a stable job and my mother is on a pension. They didn't seem to care and used trumped up emergencies etc and they opposed me wanting time to think about it. Dean offered to send Ana down to the bank with me to withdraw money. They rambled on about it for days despite the fact I told them I could not afford it.»

Ex-member speaks out about the Canberra org Australia

«Things that happened to me aren't isolated incidents. Similar stories are posted all over the internet. I was shown the Scientology critical pages on the internet by another person. I didn't know they existed before this. Reading the critical material about them contributed to my departure.»

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