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Tanya Neujahr

Former scientologist teenager.

"Scientology is a dictatorship, and I want everybody to know that." — Tanya Neujahr.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: "Scientology: a young sect ex-member reports for the first time" by Michaela Haas

«What awaited Tanya was eight to ten hours work per day, followed by five hours study of the Hubbardist writings. She seldom got to bed before midnight. About 300 Scientologists live in Saint Hill, including, according to Scientology's own statement, 77 children and teenagers. "There were more and more children," said Tanya. She pulls a pile of photographs from a paper bag in order to show a picture of herself. Her red hair shone unmistakably from a crowd of young girls in school uniforms. At the time she was still slim. She put on many pounds later, as if she needed this thick, soft, protective layer.

The photographs also show a castle-like manor, a luxuriously furnished library, and splendid, wood-panelled halls, "really very idyllic, a vision of beauty," said Tanya. She pointed to a building in the background of the 22 hectare (55 acre) park. That was the sauna for the "purification rundown," a cure in which Scientologists sit for hours in the sauna in order to sweat out poisons. She and other youths had helped to build the sauna. "That was hellish work. Also, we had to dig the path through the park. We had to dig it up three times, each time approximately one meter (yard) deep and one meter wide. That was the time that we had to work throughout the night.»

Tilman Hausherr: "Tanya's story"

«At the press conference about human rights and religious freedom violations by scientology I took notes when Tanya spoke. Tanya is the girl who escaped from Saint Hill and she was one of the people who spoke on the podium. She is now 18 but she looks like a child.
  • One of her jobs was to open mail and to check it for money or for relatives that are anti-scientology
  • Her superior was a 13 year old girl named "Lilly".
  • She did recruit other children. She is very sad and feels guilty that she did that.
  • She and Lilly had to wear make-up to look older, because customers were wondering
  • [...]

Xenu TV: "Scientology child abuse in England"

Part 1

Part 2

«After her Scientologist father kicked Tanya out of the house when she was 16 years old, Tanya was forced to join the sinister Scientology's "Sea Organization." In this video she talked about systemic child abuse within Scientology, child molestation, pedophilia by a Scientologist who molested little boys freely and without any concern by Scientology staff, and kidnapping people who tried to escape Scientology. Tanya constantly objected to these crimes and abuse committed by Scientology staff, and she was punished by Scientology management for making those objections.

Tanya was held against her will, then thrown into Scientology's brutal "RPF:" the "Rehabilitation Project Force," and subjected to sleep deprivation, malnourishment, and brutal slave labor. British police officers, at Saint Hill, helped Tanya escape Scientology and helped her get home to Germany. After she escaped, Scientologists "fair gamed" her, threatening to kill her.

At the end of the video Tanya apologized to the people she helped Scientology hurt.

There are currently about 52,000 Scientology customers, salespeople, and staff members in the United States. There are about 19,000 more in the rest of the world.»

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