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Frank Notaro

Former scientologist.

BBC (1987): "Panorama: The Road to Total Freedom?" @ Xenu TV

BBC (UK, 1987): "Panorama: The Road to Total Freedom" @ Xenu TV

"PANORAMA" TV CREW MEMBER (voice of): Why do think this guy is taking our picture?

Scieno man waving, then taking picture

FRANK NOTARO: Because, they, they're gonna use it against us later on, supposedly—

"PANORAMA" TV CREW MEMBER: Why is he taking photographs of us? He’s been taking all the pictures—

Scieno man continuing to take pictures

FRANK NOTARO: Ron Hubbard says if you take their picture or something you can use it against them or maybe people are intimidated by the picture taking, you know. They were taking my pictures all the time. [...]

pictures of Frank Notaro with picket sign saying "Ron Hubbard is XenuOT 3 Hoax"; Notaro getting beaten up by Scieno thugs

VOICE OVER: Ex-Scientologist Frank Notaro used the name Xenu in a demonstration outside a church building and got beaten up.

Frank Notaro outside Celebrity Centre in Los Angelescaption, "Frank Notaro, Ex-Scientologist"

INTERVIEWER: Why is it so secret?

FRANK NOTARO: Because Ron says if people find out about this information that they will get sick and die, if they find out this information without paying the money.

close-up of T-shirt Frank Notaro is holding saying "OT 3 HOAX"

INTERVIEWER: Did anybody who read your T-shirt get sick or die?

FRANK NOTARO: The only person that got sick was me because I got beat up and stun-gunned! (laughs) So—well, I just wanted people to find out about what’s been going on and, and what the church is really all about. [...]

The Free Spirit (Jan. 1986): "A Picketing We Go"

Sunday, 6 Oct.: at 1 P.M. I picketed by myself in front of ASHO, LA Org, and AOLA with three signs which had "confidential" OT 3 materials on them. A [Church of Scientology] security guard came from the front and grabbed my signs, while three or four others jumped me from behind and threw me to the pavement in the middle of the street, where they pinned me down and handcuffed me from behind. They then took me inside the building across from AOLA. On the way, I managed to shout to a friend to call the police, as I was afraid. I was held captive for an hour or so until the police came and released me. The Police Officers told the church officials that I had every right to picket and escorted me to safety out of the area.

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