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Martin Ottmann

Former scientologist.

«Martin Ottmann. A consultant regarding Scientology for the German CID, state ministries, cult information centers and the Protestant Church. He was born about 1966, a German citizen. [...] He filed a declaration about Scientology as a witness for the case before the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County Los Angeles, known as Uwe Geertz and Steven Fishman vs. Church of Scientology International et al., Case No. BC 122 467, that mainly consisted mainly of his firsthand experiences with Scientology and the Sea Organization. — LegalB» [Source: "Who's Who in Scientology" by Martin Hunt]
«Before I started to look independently into the above mentioned matters I had been completely obsessed with the ideas of Scientology. I was determined to spend my whole life in the Sea Org, working 14 hours a day and more. While in the Sea Org I believed every written or spoken word of Hubbard. During that time I disqualified every non-Scientologist as a wog and every Scientology-critic as a "suppressive person". I was the standard example of a dedicated Sea Org member: Physically and mentally exhausted, but 100 % fanatic.» — Martin Ottmann, Affidavit of Martin Ottmann (19 April 1996)

Affidavit of Martin Ottmann (19 April 1996)

Judge Breckenridge wrote in his memorandum of the Armstrong-case in 1984: "The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and the bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH." That judgement is still valid today.

If one is a Scientologist he is both a victim and a perpetrator. The higher one climbs in the hierarchy of Scientology the more he solely gets more and more a perpetrator. Miscavige is truly the successor of Hubbard. He isn’t indeed the "great inventor" like Hubbard. It is also not clear if he actually believes in the "technology". But being the leader of a totalitarian, criminal and paranoid system like Scientology, he must be at least a criminal and paranoid perpetrator of the same quality as Hubbard was.

People like Miscavige, who are treating other people dependable on him like slaves and are responsible for severe crimes, are a threat for every society. If one acts like Miscavige but wouldn’t bother to cover it as "religious matter", he would immediately be sent to prison or placed behind psychiatric bars through the legislation of every modern state. Miscavige should be treated the same way. No one has the right to enslave human beings and destroy men of a different opinion just because of "religious reasons".

The Martin Ottmann Documents Web Site: Exposing Scientology

On the first of the year 2003, Mr. Martin Ottmann started to provide to the public a series of documents disclosing "run of the mill" internal Scientology documents that give a brief look into the freakish, often bizarre, routinely criminal world of the every-day Scientology cult follower. In addition to that series Mr. Ottmann also provided a copy of a Citizen's Complaint he had filed here in the United States which touched briefly upon a large number of historic and contemporary crimes which the Scientology criminal enterprise has engaged in and which continues to engage in regardless of the fact that Federal agents raided the criminal enterprise in a series of raids in 1977.

While doing so, someone with the notoriously criminal Scientology cult started to employ what Scientology calls "Dead Agenting" against Mr. Ottmann in a vain attempt to shut him up and in so doing offered an additional series of documents to accompany Mr. Ottmann's coverage of the criminal enterprise.

Martin Ottmann Federal Complaints and related Documents

On February 18th, 1989 I became affiliated with the Church of Scientology in Munich, Germany. After being a so-called "public member" for more than one year, I joined in August of 1990 the "Sea Organization," a "fraternity" that runs the "Advanced Organizations" and the upper management organizations of Scientology. I became a full-time member and employee of the "Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc." (FSO), located in Clearwater, Florida.

In July of 1992 I returned to Germany and started working in a printing company of a Scientologist in Frankfurt. In December of 1992 I reported the then owner and the previous owners of the company (all Scientologists) to the police and the tax authorities, after I had found out that they had been involved in tax fraud and forgery of documents. In the later course of a criminal investigation one of the Scientologists went to jail in 1994. At the time of my reporting these individuals to the police in late 1992, I became disillusioned with the Scientology organization and its teachings.

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