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Tom Padgett

Former scientologist.
One of the main character (Richard Grey - father) in The Bridge movie (The Bridge at IMDB).

The Amazing Journey of Tom Padgett through the Madisonville Court system

This site is dedicated to exposing how this cultic principle and tactic works in the real world.. ..even in civil domestic cases right here in the good old U.S.A. - allegedly the home of the free and the brave. Hundreds of individuals and organizations have been ruined through the endless barrages of litigation brought on by the Church of Scientology. This site focuses primarily on one such case; the case of Tom Padgett.

Tom Padgett was a Scientologist who simply lost faith in the organization. He walked away from the belief system, however his wife stayed. At the dissolution of his marriage, the Church of Scientology deemed him a "Suppressive Person" and church operatives began a campaign of harassment. That harassment continues today.

MY ROAD TO PERDITION - The Twilight Zone

In studying high demand high control groups over the past 9 years, it is evident the people who have the most difficult time in exiting and recovery is when there are still loved ones who remained in - parents, children, siblings, and dear friends. There is no clear opportunity for a clean break from the cult.

One piece of evidence that stands out like a huge sore thumb is, for the past 10 plus years, not once has any so-called minister of the Church of Scientology ever come forth to try to "help" sort things out with our protracted family and perceived legal issues. I have spoke with priests, rabbis, and reverends from mainline faiths, as well as psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, sociologists, etc. Again, NEVER has an official with the scientology entity stepped forward with a helping hand. That's like a big loud bell ringing.

Xenu TV: Tom Padgett interviews

Tom Padgett's family was torn apart after he left Scientology. He talks about the struggles he has gone through trying to stay in his kids lives while their mother remains in Scientology.

Death by Litigation and Psycho-Terrorism

To the right, Tom Padgett's garage door after his legal entanglements with Scientology began. Notice the "S" and the "P" are underlined. "SP" is the Scientologist code for "Suppressive Person", the official designation for an enemy of Scientology. "SP's" are to be destroyed by any means possible, by order of L. Ron Hubbard. Even murder is justified under Hubbard's policy called "R2-45" which calls for 2 45-caliber bullets in the head of SPs.

Affidavit of Stephen A. Kent (27 April 2001)


33. Much of the harassment that Mr. Padgett has endured while engaged in legal actions with his former wife, Laura Vannoy Padgett, has been committed by anonymous perpetrators. Consequently, I cannot say with certainty who the perpetrators were. One incident, however, strongly indicates that perpetrators were Scientologists. In the police report filed after Mr. Padgett found that items inside his garage had been vandalized, the officer stated, "written on the newspaper sheet in print were the words, 'SHUT THE FUCK UP'" [underlines in original report]. The underlined letters, 'SP' are the same as 'suppressive person,' which has very definite meaning in Scientology.

Cape Cod Times (March 19, 1999): "Challenging Scientology's claims" by Thomas C. Padgett

As a former member of the cult, it would be socially and morally irresponsible of me to allow the letter of Feb. 19, titled "Scientology a religion, and growing," to go unchallenged.

First of all, I would assert that Frank Ofman is simply following in a robotic fashion the L. Ron Hubbard public relations manual given to all heads and executives of Scientology missions, churches, organizations and celebrity centers in the event any media poke their noses into the group's secret beliefs, teachings, policies and practices.

Ofman says Scientology is a bona fide, benign and mainstream religion. Nothing could be further from the truth. [...]

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