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Michael Pattinson

Former scientologist, reached OT8, left after 24 years. Now an active critic.
Author of Celebrities on the Bridge.

Celebrities on the Bridge

This ebook was written by a former Scientology celebrity, from his own personal experiences, about the secret reasons why celebrities are hooked on Scientology. Why do some very famous people donate millions of dollars to, and stay with, such a freaky alien-based cult?

The melted melting pot of Scientology dissenters

Such selling of non-existent "bridges" is fraudulent and deceptive, at least. As this kind of thing does NOT align with life (theta) itself then Life will start to correct the imbalances created by human idiocy and insanity. Even from 1990 I could personally observe the decay and contraction of Scientology. It became clear that there were fewer and fewer public, more and more cannibalization of the finances of the remaining loyal flock, and a big cover-up of down stats by Mgt at top levels.

My Experience in Scientology: Part 1

The technology of study seems to me more oriented towards cult-indoctrination than self-discerning free-thinking STUDY (i.e. Hubbard is never wrong; if you disagree with him on ANYTHING It is because you have gone past a word or symbol that you did not fully understand. Hubbard being wrong about ANYTHING is not a thought that a Scientologist can compute with in their indoctrinated mind.

My Experience in Scientology: Part 2

4. The shouting at glass ashtrays does not in fact produce any O.T. telekinesis.

My Experience in Scientology: Part 3

One of the most shocking but frequent occurrences was a staff member suddenly being marched off by gestapo-like uniformed people and taken to the basement where they were forced to live in squalor and humiliation. They were not allowed to speak to any one who was not in the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), had to wear dark blue overalls, run EVERYWHERE, clean the grounds of the hotel for most of ther day, and study 5 hrs a day too. My former high-classed funfriend looked like broken white-faced ghouls, and I was not even supposed to say hi to them!

My Experience in Scientology: Part 5

It was as if the whole group was under a concentrated suppressive influence of some magnitude, and it was indeed. It had been taken over, by force, by David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, and a tight group of co-conspirators, including some lawyers/attorneys. Corporate structures and ownerships had been vastly "modified" to prevent any future litigants from getting any money from Scientology (I heard that directly from Miscavige at an event).

My Experience in Scientology: Part 6

3. OT9 was sold in huge quantities but never has been delivered to anyone. It may not even exist in fact.

My Experience in Scientology: Part 7

1. Ron had died under extremely suspicious circumstances. There is a lot of internet factual record of that so I will just be brief on that here. It seems that he died a dishevelled and unkempt old guy with psych drugs in his system (Vistaril) per the coroners report. Also, his Will had been significantly changed THE DAY BEFORE HE SUPPOSEDLY DIED. All photos taken of his body were intentionally destroyed. The cremation had taken place very fast, almost weirdly fast. There were many, many really important questions not given answers but swept under the rug, so to speak. It looks like a massive cover-up.

My Experience in Scientology: Part 11

1. Scientology is interested in its own survival at any cost. Individuals may always be sacrificed, even when friends, if a perceived threat arises that has something to do with them.
 2. OSA (dept 20 of the "church" of scientology) is a war department with harmful and terroristic types of activities, operating covertly and overtly against groups and individuals in lands which are at peace, including the U.S.A., with funding from the "church" of scientology to fanatically further its agendas and destroy any and all who may slow its progress.
 3. The trust I had placed in scientology was not merited.
 4. The real personality of the group is the opposite of its stated goals. It claims to want to eliminate war, criminality, hate and insanity yet uses these things on a daily basis. To give an analogy of this, it is as if Saddam Hussein says "I will only kill, oppress, murder, rob and torture people till I have no more enemies then I will turn around and be loving and kind to everyone". Just as one cannot get any sunshine out from deep within a cave, so one can not get peace, love, sanity or honesty from out the dark heart of scientology.

An open letter to a Scientologist from an OT8

It is truly heartbreaking for me to have to inform you that you have been lied to, and not just in a small way. I am so, so sorry to have to tell you this, but please bear with me.
 You have been lied to regarding the "Bridge to Total Freedom" as it does not arrive at Total Freedom. I know this because I have been there and experienced it. OT8 is NOT Total Freedom, yet there is no more Bridge to travel.

Terrorism: The 21st Century Battlefield

My own experience in drawing up this list lies with over two decades in the cult of Scientology plus four years of part-time internet research since then, and also with some general research into Al Quaeda based on events since September 11, 2001. The major parallels between such fanatical and/or terrorist groups with a totalitarian vision dressed in religious garb such Al Quaeda and Scientology can be listed as below. Other cults and groups share these traits to differing degrees.
 NOTE:  Both Al Quaeda, according to my research, and Scientology, per my own experience and research have these NEGATIVE traits as part of their core structure.

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