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Creed J. Pearson

Former scientologist, left after 26 years.

Silentology: The “Religion” of the Anti-Christ

«This time around, many of his slaves have bound themselves in chains of silence, having signed gag agreements to never speak about the machines created on the OT Levels and the 008s that have been made there. Some have signed their own Baker Act called the “Lisa McPherson Clause” so that when future “rundowns” are released the order has “total” control over them. They cannot protest any treatment at all, even if it kills them.»

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets and Why I Was Silenced: Part I

«I protested and said, "What is this, Nazi Germany?" I can’t even talk to my own children these days about their future. Come on. We were discussing college and joining staff. I told Kiersten that she should wait until after I had found out more before making a decision”. What right do you have to dictate what I speak of in my own home?”

They were silent, got up, handed a non-interbulation order to me, and showed me the door. This means I was thereafter forbidden to talk to anyone about what I had found out, including my family. L Ron Hubbard’s marvelous technology was about to ruin my life.»

«I found many of my answers through reading LRH’s Brainwashing manual, written by him in 1955.

If one substitutes the word Scientology for Psychopolitics when reading the Brainwashing manual one can clearly see another agenda that L Ron Hubbard had. See for an insight into the RPF and the brainwashing used therein.»

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets and Why I Was Silenced: Part II (How to Trap a Being)

«My son, Tilian, did actually come home to Clearwater, but never came by to see me. Finally, I talked to him one last time and he said that he didn’t want see me anymore. I learned that he had a special “PTS” handling at ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education) in Los Angeles, prior to coming home. That is where my daughter, Yarwijn, has signed a billion year contract to work for 50 cents an hour or so, “saving the planet.”»

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets and Why I Was Silenced: Part IV (Divide and Conquer)

«Hubbard actually believed that his mind was far superior to our minds and that he controlled the minds of anyone in his space. If he could not control your mind then he got rid of you and he nullified your existence. He was clever in that he hid his intentions from you. On the other hand he required that you be audited so that he could know your intentions. Thus, he always controlled the game. He knew your side and his own. You only knew your intentions. So you were set up to lose and he to win. He knew what you had agreed to and had access to your thoughts in interviews, in sessions, at ethics, on course, on video cameras, and through reports. So his ability to control you was always big when you were in his space. He knew your sins, your secret thoughts and your weaknesses. If you started to go out of line he employed correction lists, cramming, word clearing, ethics, and rehabilitation to keep you on his path. The threat of losing your friends, and your family, and your life were made clear to you. Your universe was controlled.”»

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets and Why I was Silenced: Part V (A Letter to Creed Pearson’s Son)

«The OT levels are nothing more than poorly written fantasies designed with the intent to put you at war with the spirits around you. LRH gives one drills to make this imaginary conflict real to the person. These drills are set-ups to accepting the ridiculous and laughable OT III stories. LRH only was happy if everyone around him was at war on all dynamics, groveling at his feet and looking to him for answers. So he created a war in the spirit world. This war is the OT levels. It is a war that rages on for years at a price of about $20,000 to $30,000 a year per person on OT VII, not including the donations that one inevitably finds himself making to the merchants of chaos (IAS, Superpower, etc). Some have been on this level for two decades. Cha - ching - $$$!!!!!”»

Discovering Scientology’s Greatest Secrets and Why I was Silenced: Part VI (How I Became Like a Nazi and How I Ceased to be One)

«I love mankind and I am glad for the varieties of life around us. A variety of people and races makes life more interesting and provides more choices.

Any agreement with Hubbard on his racist views has ended for me. Scientology created my upsets. I have realized the origin of my contempt and have lived long enough to free myself of this madman’s malice.

For years I had been fighting shadows, failing to see the insanities of a madman.

Now that I know the reality I do not want my children to suffer a similar fate. I want my children out of the Cult. Please help me to wake them up.”»

St. Petersburg Times: "The unperson" by Robert Farley

«Potential Trouble Source. No Scientologist wants to be called that. PTSs can't take classes or get the spiritual counseling called auditing. But if you maintain contact with a suppressive person, that's what you are.

Two recorded messages left last year on the answering machine of Creed Pearson illustrate just how serious this can be.

The caller: Scientologist Kathy Feshbach, a major contributor and founder of a Scientology mission in Belleair.

The first call was placed on March 2.

"Hi ... this is Kathy Feshbach. ... Ah, George Mariani is running for mayor again in Belleair, called us; wants us to have all our friends over on Sunday at our house at 4 for him to talk. It's really important because No.1, he is reaching for us, the Scientologists. So that's really a good indicator. So I really want to have a big showing for him. ... So, anyway, it's a big deal that the mayor called us so I really want you guys to come over."

What Feshbach did not know was that Pearson - a Scientologist for 25 years and big church donor - had been declared a suppressive person the previous month. Pearson, 50, said he was declared because he told his friends in Scientology that the religion was being altered by current management. He also said L. Ron Hubbard had lied while ticking off his accomplishments during a speech.

Four days later Feshbach called Pearson back and left a second message. It was clear she had learned he was a suppressive.

"Hi, Creed, this is Kathy Feshbach. Sunday morning ... I just heard that you were under some kind of ethics cycle. So, you are not invited to our house today. I am sure you understand. So, ah, thank you very much for understanding. Please do not attend the event. Thank you very much for understanding."»

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