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John Peeler

Former high-level scientologist.
Also using nickname "BTs2Free" at Operation Clambake Message Board (look-up all posts).

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(January 2008): "Unmasked and Taking the Next Step"

My name is John Peeler. If you knew me, you would have known me from being a Scientologist in Los Angeles or at the Int base. I started Scientology as a kid in 1977 and went to the infamous Apple School. I also went to Delphi LA and Oregon. I lived in Dallas, Texas for a while which is where I started staff at CC Dallas in 1988 or early 89 and then joined the Sea Org at CC Int in LA.

I feel that my involvement in this dangerous cult led to many other people getting involved and so feel that itís also my responsibility to speak out and at least try to right my wrongs or handle any bad karma that may still be headed my way. I feel that I need to take responsibility for my own actions and thatís the main reason why the mask is coming off.

I will be doing some video interviews to talk about my experiences as a Scientologist and Sea Org member.

(July 2007): "What you should know about Scientology..."

[...] Yes, I have witnessed first-hand, [David Miscavige] beating the hell out of people. Specifically, during the WIS? Campaign, (What Is Scientology? Book), this was in the mid 90ís, I saw DM beat up Marc Yager, who was the CO CMO Int at the time. DM was pissed at Yager because he hadnít followed orders and that the book was behind target, etcÖ DM grabbed him, tossed him around the room, punched him, shoved him, screamed at him the whole time and then threw Yager out of the PDO exit. Thatís Planetary Dissemination Org (the international marketing arm for Scientology), which is a division of Gold

On another occasion, I witnessed DM beat the crap out of Jeff Hawkins, who was one of the executives in PDO. I saw Jeff get beat up on a couple of occasions by DM for missing targets, and not following orders, etcÖ Screaming always, in addition to Dave having an entourage of goons and assistants around him at all times. [...]

(February 2001): "Members being held prisoner"

There are still members to this day being held prisoner in this location (located in Gilman Hot Springs, near Hemet, California). One girl who had been in this prison for over a year is possibly still there. One of the security guards told me that she would never be able to leave due to the fact that she had worked directly with David Miscavige in his office and "knows too much confidential information". She is a very small girl, not very strong, so for her to leave on her own would be nearly impossible.

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