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Scott Pilutik

Long time critic:

Los Angeles Times (March 3, 2008): "Scientology taking hits online"

[...] No corner of the Web, it appears, is safe for Scientology. Blogger and lawyer Scott Pilutik recently posted a story noting that Scientology was yanking down EBay auctions for used e-meters, the device the church uses for spiritual counseling. EBay allows brand owners -- Louis Vuitton or Rolex, say -- to remove items they believe infringe on their trademark or patent rights. Basically, fakes. But, Pilutik said, the used e-meters being taken down were genuine. Reselling them was no different than putting a for-sale sign on your old Chevy.

"What's actually going on here," he wrote, is that the church is "knowingly alleging intellectual property violations that clearly don't exist." Within a day Pilutik's blog had gotten over 45,000 visitors -- so much traffic that his site crashed completely. [...]

Digital Lightwave & Scientology focuses on three separate cases, each occuring during Zwan's tenure as CEO and each demonstrating the malignant influence of Scientology in the corporate environment.

The cases involving Brian Haney and the SEC are both familiar to the public, but that of Seth Joseph is not widely known outside the Pinellas County courtroom. where DIGL continues to appeal the original ruling against it.

Seth Joseph was DIGL's Senior Vice-President between September 1996 and February 1998. Toward the end of 1997 he (and others) became aware of the fraudulent actions of Denise Miscavige Licciardi. Licciardi is the sister of Church of Scientology 'Ecclesiastical Leader' David Miscavige. Joseph's reward for blowing the whistle on Licciardi was to be fired by Zwan.

Scott Pilutik's blog

Scott Pilutik is a law student at Brooklyn Law School. Despite his often feeling awkward at talking about himself in the the third person, he freely admits to agnostic leanings; the attack on the wall separating church and state alarmed him enough to create this blog. He wishes he could post to it more. He wishes this biographical sketch were longer also.

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