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Jesse Prince

Formerly the 2nd highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Org.
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Jesse Prince. Secretary on the Board of Directors of the RTC and flashbulber at a mission conference. A principal in the Inspector General's Network. — Zegel 3. [Source: "Who's Who in Scientology" by Martin Hunt]

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (20 August 1999)

2. I was in Scientology for 16 years (1976-92). In July of 1992,  I escaped with my wife from Scientology headquarters at Gilman Hot Springs, Ca. Under duress, my wife and I were forced to return. After intense interrogation and isolation, my wife and I on October 31, 1992, were able to leave Scientology, but only after we were coerced to sign a release containing untrue statements protecting Scientology from legal liability. I remained silent about my experience in Scientology, since upon leaving I was subjected to routine monitoring by Mike Sutter  of the  Religious Technology Center, (RTC),  and Earl Cooley, Scientology counsel. In  July of 1998,  I discovered that others had similar experiences and were courageous enough to speak out against Scientology.  I therefore ended my silence so that others would know about the truth of what really happens within the inner circles of Scientology. ...

7. Some of my specific duties as Deputy Inspector General, External, included supervising all litigation by or against any Scientology organization, intelligence and covert operations brought against perceived or imagined "enemies", trademark registrations, and the licensing of trademarks to other Scientology corporations to create the false impression of "corporate integrity".  I was also in charge of the "Celeb Project," which ran all auditing of Scientology celebrities, such as John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Kirstie Alley, Anne Archer, and Chick Corea to name a few.  I was also the auditor for David Miscavige and his wife, Shelly.  I was the course instructor for all of the auditing courses for Alain Kartuzinski and his Cramming Officer for Class 10, 11, and 12, 12 being the highest level an auditor can reach.

Affidavit of Jesse Prince (27 July 1998)

3. It is incumbent on this and every court, as well as the authorities, to realize the amount of deception, chicanery, lying, manipulation and outright criminality that Scientology will employ to hide the truth about their criminal activities. They will spend any amount of money to do this. I know because I was part of it for years. I received orders to break the law. I issued orders to break the law. I got others to break the law, and then I helped to hide these criminal activities just as they are hiding them now.

Highest-level defector to leave Scientology/Dianetics discloses pervasive criminality of organization

"Members of Scientology are induced to confess to acts that, if not outright criminal, are embarrassing or possibly destructive to the person's job, marriage or profession, for example, shoplifting, adultery, masturbation, or drug abuse. The member is urged to write these down in their own handwriting, under the guise that it is a 'religious confessional' for the member's good. The truth is that these 'confessions' are kept to blackmail and extort the member should they dare to speak out. The member is also coerced to sign documents that are self-damaging while protecting the organization, solely in case the member dares to leave their control and speak the truth. I know because I watched this done to others, I did it to others and it was done to me."

Inside the world's most dangerous cult: Jesse Prince interviews

The testimony Jesse has provided in his interviews with FACTNet is extremely disturbing, even to those already familiar with much of Scientology's wrongdoings. Jesse has witnessed the leadership of Scientology bugging the homes of its own "ministers"; the leadership of Scientology laughing over a former colleague's death; the leadership of Scientology ordering illegal copyright registrations, destroying court evidence, tampering with judges and fixing an election in a small California town. Jesse has seen members forced to work so many hours they endure permanent injuries; he has seen members forced to run around a pole in the desert for 10 hours a day, day after day; and he has seen members die because they were refused proper medical treatment. He has observed manipulative treatment of John Travolta and Tom Cruise, Scientology's celebrities. And much more.

Lermanet: About Jesse Prince

Formerly the 2nd highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Organization

Danish TV, DR2: Jesse Prince interview

In one of the very first out-of-the-country jobs that I had to do was to come here and extort mission holders--mission holders being people that have a small franchise and license to use Scientology--that had accumulated money. I was sent here along with a group of senior people that are still within Scientology to extort them out of their money so that the money could be taken and sent to either Liechtenstein banks or Cyprus banks that were set up because there was a real threat in America that the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, was gonna raid Scientology and seize its bank accounts.

Jesse Prince: The Ever Changing Tech of Scientology

Within minutes of my announcement, I was hauled away by no less than five Sea Org guys, all RPFers, who locked me in a room. They told me the only way I would be allowed to leave Scientology or the Sea Org was via the Rehabilitation Project Force - the RPF. I thought this was a joke. There was no way I could be held prisoner by these people I hardly knew. My first thought was to escape and run to the police. But I couldn't get away. I was physically hauled off to the RPF and there was nothing I could do. I was a little skinny kid back then. These were big, strong, crazy guys who took me away and I was scared of them.

St. Petersburg Times: Scientology critic won't face retrial

What bothered some of them, according to two jurors, was the possibility that Prince had been set up by the Church of Scientology.
 They heard testimony about how Prince, once a high-ranking church member, was watched, videotaped and trailed for months by private investigators hired by Scientology lawyers.
 Private investigator Barry Gaston said he was hired because he is black, like Prince, and befriended Prince using a false name. Gaston said he was paid $14,000 for his work.

Operation Clambake present: Jesse Prince

Jesse Prince left Scientology in 1992, after practicing Scientology and working for Scientology for 16 years, during which he reached Scientology's highest ranks. Prince served as second-in-command of one of Scientology's main organizations, the powerful Religious Technology Center (RTC), and on RTC's Board of Directors.

Meet Jesse Prince

A former Scientologist and Sea Org member of 16 years, Jesse was a senior executive in the Religious Technology Center, Scientology's top management and trademark organization.

In 1992, Jesse left the Sea Org and for six years remained silent about his experiences in Scientology under the threat of a lawsuit by the organization.

He now actively assists former and current Scientologists to recover from their experiences in Scientology.