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Michael Reuss


re: The post most critics ignore

«Of course, Christians also believe they have some sort of soul or spirit. And even more like Scientology, in the past, the pious and powerful Christians LOVED to kill and maim people to help these souls go to heaven, 100% certain that burning a person alive would purify the soul. And then the political realm impinged on them, and they had to tone down their dogma.

Now here you come, as Scientologists, trying to stir up that pot, again, with your constant focus on defining enemies, finding the PTS person, eliminating the suppressive. But it does not amaze or surprise me to see how marginal is the historical perspective of fanatical religious cults. If you had such perspective, you wouldn't be fanatical enough to recruit, as you do. So tuning out any grasp of the similarities to your witch-burning predecessors is understandable, if also unforgivably unethical.»

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