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David Rice

Civil rights activist and human rights activist.


Welcome to a skeptical site that looks at the facts about frauds, fakes, fools, and flim-flam. This site addresses the harm inflicted upon credophiles. That is, this site addresses the financial, emotional, and intellectual injury caused by the lucrative business of fraud and deceit. And that business is booming. There is no shortage of fools who pay dearly for the dubious privilege of being taken advantage of.

This site contains a large amount of material about Scientology's many gross crimes and human rights abuses. Scientology really is as bad as you've heard! Learn more via this link. [...]

Why Shy David Protests / Why These Web Pages Exist

The Scientology® organization wishes people to believe that I and many other human rights activists are, as the organization puts it, "religious bigots." The facts are, of course, totally opposite of what the Scientology® organization claims: human rights activists protest and picket the Scientology® organization because we object to the crimes and gross human rights abuses committed by the sinister Scientology® organization. Religion has nothing at all to do with why the Scientology® organization is protested and picketed constantly throughout the world.

My first actually knowledge of Scientology® was when one of its barrators attempted to silence its critics and curb their First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression by deleting the USENET newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. That failed attempt was later followed by an unprecedented attack against the newsgroup by the sinister organization via flooding the newsgroup with hundreds of thousands of propaganda pieces from the organization's black propaganda mill called "What is Scientology®?" This attack is now a USENET classic example of abuse, and it is known as "The WIS Flood." The intent of the abuse was to make the newsgroup unreadable so that people seeking real, valid information about Scientology® would not be able to do so in that venue.

Facts About Scientology

Everything you ever wanted to know about the International Crime Syndicate of Scientology but you were too afraid of being sued by the criminal business to ask. [...]

In Defense of Wicca

Another informative link is Shy David's Defense of Wicca which addresses the problem of religious discrimination against one minority religion. Shy David has moral and ethical objections to religious discrimination: if a religion or church is not harming anyone, IT MUST BE TOLERATED. It is immoral and unethical (and often illegal) to discriminate against someone for their religious beliefs.

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