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Fredric L. Rice

Human rights activist.

The Skeptic Tank Scientology Crime Syndicate Web Page Listing

Archive of news and articles related to Scientology.

The History of the Skeptic Tank Archives

«The compilation of Weird Base related files continued for 15 years under the direction of David Rice, at which time it was decided to create The Skeptic Tank, directed by its Chairman Fredric L. Rice. In addition to providing security in multiple distribution sites, the addition of The Skeptic Tank offers more callers access to the growing archives at any one time. Additionally, The Skeptic Tank, as a matter of its charter, provides FAX services of the archive materials upon request, solicits materials from other organizations (right-wing watch groups, media, secular mailing lists, Internet and FidoNet newsgroups, for example) and makes the information available for further distribution. The Skeptic Tank became part of FidoNet, a computer network which Fredric Rice was a long-time member of.

Around six years later, Ryan Shaw offered his extensive archives (well over 14,000 files) to The Skeptic Tank's archives, effectively doubling its size. Most of these archive files are now available and the rest will be added later.»

Scientology's Volunteer Minister Program

«In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on November 11'Th, 2001, the Scientology® organization has been promoting a public relations campaign they call their "Volunteer Minister®" program. The organization claims that they're the only organization on Earth that has a solution to terrorism -- and indeed the only solution to all of humanity's problems -- and their "Volunteer Minister" public relations campaign is one of the latest efforts at trying to get their leader's unusual notions accepted outside of their organization.

The truth about the motivations behind Scientology's "Volunteer Minister" campaign, however, is far from benevolent. Detailed information about Scientology's "Volunteer Minister" campaign has been intercepted by Human Rights activists and a great deal of information about the campaign has been offered by followers of the Scientology organization who used to be part of the campaign. Further information about the actual sinister motives of Scientology has been acquired by Human Rights activists infiltrating the Scientology organization's meetings and offices.

This web site will provide all of the detailed, factual information you need to know about Scientology's latest bid to gain acceptance outside of their organization. References to support the information will be provided except in such instances where the identity of Rights activists may become compromised and jeopardize the individual's safety.»

NarCONon is Scientology!

«The Narconon® organization has been exposed to be a ® "Church" of Scientology front which is in no way connected with the real drug addiction treatment program called Narcotics Anonymous.

The Scientology business does not inform people that its Narconon operation is Scientology because they're aware of the likelyhood that no one would sign up for their dubious treatments were they aware of the fact that Narconon is a front group created by a notorious business cult with a long, well known criminal history, using unscientific, dangerous, and ineffective drug treatment procedures concocted by a pulp science fiction writer.

Anyone contemplating taking the Scientology organization's unscientific and risky "Purification Rundown" proceedure, or participating in any of the cult's other dangerous quack medical procedures needs to know the history of the Narconon front group, what courts have ruled about it, what newspapers have discovered and reported, and what the lack of scientific merits for the cult's procedures mean to individuals who are trying to quit their addictions.

The goals of the Scientology cult would appear to be to use their fake front Narconon as a method of recruitment, preying upon people who are already known by the organization to have addictive personalities, and who are unaware of who actually runs Narconon.»

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